extra wages if you work overtime in Japan.


If small to medium enterprises impose employees over 60 hours overtime work, company must pay 25% extra wages in Japan.
But recently, Japanese Govenment consider that company should pay extra 50% wages.

According to the Japanese basic labor law, working hours is within 8 hours per day, and 40 hours per week.

If employee work overtime, company must pay extra wages.

Japanese govenment enforced the large companies which number of employees are over 300 must pay 50% extra wages if employees work overtime.

Japan's work time is big issue.

People say "Japanese is overwork", and I think so.
Why Japanese works hard?
Does we really like working?

No, no, no.
It is not true that all Japanese like working.

We care about around people.
Not result-oriented.
Harmony is the important thing in Japan.