【English21 hour】Kaminari-Mon and Konosuke Matsushita


Konosuke Matsushita who is the greatest Japanese Entrepreneur was sick in 1960.
When he was sick, he visited the temple of Senso and his illness was cured.

He appreciated the benefit from the temple of Senso, he presented the Gate of Thunder.

The Gate of Thunder is officially called God and the Wind God.
the two gods are believed to be able to savethe temple from natural disasters and fire.

英語で話す日本の名所 (講談社バイリンガルブックス) (講談社バイリンガル・ブックス)

英語で話す日本の名所 (講談社バイリンガルブックス) (講談社バイリンガル・ブックス)