【English 19hour】 introducing Tokyo


■Tips of Tokyo
・Ginza set up a law of self restraint reffered to as the Ginza rule because shoppers can enjoy gazing at the sky while shopping.
 The buildings of Ginza is less than 56 meters.

・Shinjuku Station is the busiest station in the world.

・The term otaku signifies people who are deeply absorbed in comics and the related subculture.
I hava a friend who is otaku, his tweet is always about anime.
He always add hashtags of #Anime and tweet at midnight.
In Japan, there are Enthusiastic fans of AKB48.
They invested heavily in AKB48 because they feel they can support the menber who they like.
The member who is invested most heavily can get the position of center.
I think this is AKB bubble and this bubble will burst soon.

・Omotesando Hills is a commercial and residential complex designed by Tadao Ando and completed in 2006.
Tadao Ando is the most famous Japanese Architect.
Surprisingly, he did not graduate University.

He get a qualification of architect by self-taught and experience of a part time job.

His most famous work is "Church of the Light".
Its cross is very fantastic.